What Sorts of Treatment Do Bruises Require?

What Sorts of Treatment Do Bruises Require?


What Sorts of Treatment Do Bruises Require?

Whether or not your senior needs additional treatment for bruising depends on quite a few factors. If the bruises are not very common and fade fairly quickly, her doctor may tell you not to worry about them.


Most of the Time, Bruises Are Fine on Their Own

For the most part, bruises are something that your elderly family member’s body can handle on its own. If her body is struggling with other health conditions or she’s temporarily weakened, bruises can take a longer time to heal. Getting enough sleep, proper nutrition, and generally being healthy often means that there’s not much you can do to help bruises heal faster. If your senior is bruising a lot, though, she needs to talk with her doctor.


Learn What Causes Bruises on Your Senior

Your elderly family member’s doctor can help you to determine what is causing bruises to form. She may be taking medications that are making it easier for her to bruise or she may have an underlying health condition that contributes. Once you know what is going on, you can find ways to help avoid bruising if at all possible.


Try Cold Compresses Right Away

Some bruises might heal faster if you are able to use an ice pack right away on the area. Just a few minutes is often enough to slow down the bruising and reduce any swelling or pain in the area. Be sure to ask your senior’s doctor if this is something that she can do in the event that she bumps herself and realizes that it’s starting to bruise.


Do What You Can to Avoid Bruises

Rearranging the furniture and adding grab bars around your senior’s home may be enough to help her to avoid bumping into things that could bruise her. You may also want to check to see that her shoes are sturdy and fit her well so that she has stable footing. Look for other ways to help her to avoid bumping into anything that might cause a bruise.

Make sure that you let other family members and senior care providers know what the routine is if your senior does get a new bruise. The faster that they can help her to manage a new bruise, hopefully, the less painful it will be for her.

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