How Can You Get Other Family Members More Involved?

How Can You Get Other Family Members More Involved?

If you’ve been trying too hard to do everything for your elderly family member yourself, you already know that you need help. Her other family members might be a perfect source of extra help, but not if they’re completely uninvolved in the situation.


-Go Where They Are

Where are your other family members spending the majority of their free time? Are they on social sites, like Facebook and Twitter? If so, this might be an easy way to spend a little more time around them. Set up a family group on Facebook, for example, and use that to help them stay updated.


-Stay in Touch with Them

Look for ways to stay in touch with your senior’s other family members after you establish connections with them. It might be as simple as sending out a group email or setting up a conference call. When they know and understand more about what your senior is facing, they can make more of an effort to be involved.


-Ask Them to Visit

If your senior’s other family members live in the same area, ask them to drop by for a visit. Keep in mind that the goal here is simply to spend time with them. This isn’t the time to ask them to stay with your elderly family member while you run errands or ask for other favors. This is an opportunity for them to learn even more about your aging adult’s situation firsthand.


-Give Them Time

They may still need some time to adjust to all of this, especially if they’re just learning more about what is going on with your aging family member. The bottom line here is that they’ll be able to help or they won’t and chances are that you need additional help now. So definitely take advantage of the help that you do have and hire home care providers to help fill in the gaps. Giving your senior’s other family members some time to come around on their own helps to avoid resentment later.

Keep in mind that some people are already doing everything that they can. It may not be a lack of desire to be involved that’s keeping them away. You may not know the full situation.


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