What Can Elderly Care Do for a Senior with Heart Disease?

What Can Elderly Care Do for a Senior with Heart Disease?

When an older adult has heart disease, their doctor will probably recommend that they make lifestyle changes to improve their heart health. Making those changes can be difficult, especially for older adults who may have cognitive or mobility issues. That’s where an elderly care provider can make a difference in the heart health of your aging relative. Below are some of the ways that elderly care can help seniors make heart-healthy changes.


Cooking Healthy Meals

One of the changes doctors may suggest for heart patients is improving the way they eat. A heart-healthy diet is one that is low in sodium, added sugar, and trans and saturated fats. It includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy products. An elderly care provider can assist with planning healthy meals. They can also take the older adult grocery shopping, help carry the groceries, and put them away. Elderly care providers can also prepare meals and clean up afterward.


Physical Activity

Regular physical activity can help keep blood pressure under control and lower cholesterol levels. It can also help seniors to lose excess weight. An elderly care provider can help your aging relative to be more physically active by going for walks with them, driving them to group exercise classes, or supervising them so that they feel safe exercising at home.


Stress Management

Stress can make some aspects of heart disease worse, affecting blood pressure and other risk factors for heart attack. An elderly care provider can assist with stress management by simply giving an older adult less to worry about. Knowing that an elderly care provider will be coming to their home to help them with whatever they need can lower stress levels. Elderly care providers can also take older adults to yoga, tai chi, or meditation classes, all of which can help with stress.


Smoking Cessation

If the senior smokes, the doctor will advise them to quit. The doctor may provide medications or other strategies for smoking cessation. An elderly care provider can remind the senior to take the medications or use the techniques provided. They can also be a distraction when the older adult feels the urge to smoke.


Attend Medical Appointments

It’s important that your aging relative attend all follow up medical appointments where health care providers will monitor their health. An elderly care provider can transport them to medical appointments and attend to them while they are there. They can also remind older adults about upcoming appointments and assist with maintaining the appointment schedule.

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