Do Happy Caregivers Mean Better Care?

It is well known fact that happy workers have higher levels of productivity.  But did you also know that happy workers equate to better care in the home care industry?

The home care industry is dealing with a huge shortage of caregivers. This shortage is causing a lot of turnover in the industry. According to 2015 Home Care Pulse® Benchmarking study, turnover rate for the home care industry is between 61% and 77%. Only a handful of companies are able to retain the best staff and hence have a far better customer satisfaction rate than other home care companies. If you have ever used a home care agency or plan to use one, you must ask yourself the following three questions.

Have you ever experienced a revolving door of caregivers? Many companies have difficulty retaining staff, so they send out new employees when the old ones leave. Just when the client remembers the new caregiver’s name, they are gone and someone else is knocking at the door.

How does this affect the care of your loved one? Inconsistency causes confusion. This is especially true for Alzheimer’s clients. Seeing the same face and having routines provides a sense of comfort and security for them.  If there is a high turnover of caregivers, the client can become stressed. However, when same caregiver is used for a long time, the caregiver becomes familiar with the client’s behavior and can anticipate their needs, learning what triggers outbursts and do everything to prevent them.

Does this affect the client’s family?  On average, it takes about two weeks for a caregiver to know the client and family, and for the family to know the caregiver.  If different caregivers are coming in every few weeks, the family is continuously training them, defeating the purpose of a caregiver.

At Inspired Care we believe that everyone (client, family and caregiver) benefits from the care provided by the same caregiver. With consistent care, clients feel safe, the family knows their parents are in good hands, and the caregivers are committed to their clients.

Our rigorous selection process ensures that we select the best employees and we do our best to keep them with the company. We are happy to say that the retention rate at Inspired Care Home Health is above the national average. A large part of that is due to the fact that we do our utmost to keep our caregivers happy, whether it’s through praise, promotions or bonuses. We have seen that our employees then pass that contentment along to their clients through better care.

Is your family member suffering from revolving door syndrome? Give us a call.  We can minimize the problem.