Let Home Care Assistants Help After Traumatic Brain Injury in Elderly Adults

Let Home Care Assistants Help After Traumatic Brain Injury in Elderly Adults

Many family members across the country suddenly find themselves in a caregiver status to an elderly relative has an accident that results in traumatic brain injury (TBI). Adults over the age of 75 have some of the highest rates of TBI and the majority are due to falls. Most elderly adults will need part-time or full-time care due to the long-lasting effects of their injury.


Causes and Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

The leading cause of TBI in the elderly is due to slip and fall accidents, but motor vehicle accidents and violence are also contributors. Studies also show that older seniors lead the way when it comes to hospitalization and fatalities for traumatic brain injuries. These kinds of injuries are quite complex to diagnose, and many different symptoms may manifest. In all cases, however, TBI causes a range of physical and emotional impairments and disabilities.

The results of a TBI can be mild or serious. In mild cases, elderly adults may experience dizziness, lack of focus, poor memory and mood swings. In more serious injuries, they may suffer from poor cognitive ability, seizures, loss of coordination and balance, loss of body function control and communication problems. Often after being in the hospital for initial treatment, doctors recommend that elderly adults with a TBI go to a rehabilitation center for continued treatment. Depending on the severity of the injury and the progress made there, many seniors can then return home.


Home Care Assistance for Elderly Adults With Traumatic Brain Injuries

Caring for an elderly person with a TBI is hard, especially when family members have other responsibilities in their own life. That’s why so many families turn to home care agencies for assistance with personal care. So, in addition to making some changes to the home, such as installing grab bars in the bathroom, family members can hire a home care assistant to be there for the recovering senior.

A home care agency provides trained professionals to work with elderly adults of all abilities to assist them with daily tasks that they cannot otherwise do themselves. This can include duties such as bathing, dressing, grooming, hygiene, cleaning, meal preparation, driving and household maintenance. For seniors with a TBI, the home care aides can be there as often as they need to. As the needs of the elderly adult change, family members can make adjustments for more services or less.

When families must handle the unexpected and life-changing effects that a sudden injury to the brain causes, they want what’s best for their aging relative. Home care assistance provides a professional and trained approach to senior care that ensures the elderly adult continues down the path of recovery. Instead of living in a long-term care facility, the aging senior gets all the help they need with daily personal care tasks at home, where they are more comfortable and content.

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