Differences Between the Flu Vaccine and the High-Dose Vaccine

Differences Between the Flu Vaccine and the High-Dose Vaccine

The flu is a contagious disease that often comes with a fever, chills, headache, persistent cough, muscle and body aches, and fatigue. Many people get over it with lots of rest and proper nutrition and hydration. For some, the symptoms worsen and can lead to pneumonia. Protection through vaccinations can help prevent the flu.

You go to a clinic, pharmacy, or doctor’s office to make sure your mom gets her flu shot. The first question you hear is: “Does she want the high-dose flu vaccine?”

Here’s the difference between the two, and why it’s important 
to consider the high-dose shot.

-Regular Flu Shot

There are two types of flu shots. One contains the flu virus strains that are grown in eggs and then injected into the muscle. The other involves growing the virus in a culture of cells and is injected into the skin. An allergy to eggs can influence which vaccine a person gets.

Once injected, the body begins to build antibodies to the virus. Once these antibodies are developed, it can keep the flu virus from developing. If a person is exposed to the flu before the antibodies finish developing, symptoms are milder, and the disease’s duration is shorter.


-High-Dose Flu Vaccine

Fluzone High-Dose is a flu vaccine designed for the elderly. It’s designed to help improve immunity in seniors who naturally have a lowered immune response. According to the CDC sheet on the vaccine, the high-dose shot is more than 24 percent more effective at flu protection.

It’s also believed that it can help prevent hospitalization if a senior does come down with a strain of the flu that wasn’t included in the current year’s vaccine. Each year, research goes into predicting what strains of the flu will hit, so there can be years when the predictions missed a strain. Flu shots help shorten the duration of the flu in those cases.


What if they cannot get the flu shot?

If your parent cannot have the flu shot due to allergies or an underlying health issue, it’s important to take other preventative measures. Make sure the immune system is as healthy as possible by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Your parent should also wash hands regularly after touching things like shopping carts, door handles, and ATM or cash register terminals.

Should your mom or dad get the flu, make sure they rest. Make this easy for them by having caregivers visit throughout the week. Caregivers can take care of the laundry, housekeeping, and cooking. With help around the home, your parent gets plenty of rest. Learn more about the services caregivers offer by calling a home care agency.


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