Discover How Crime Solving is Improving Cognitive Function and Socialization in Seniors

Discover How Crime Solving is Improving Cognitive Function and Socialization in Seniors

Mystery dinner theater has been a popular event for decades. Some senior centers are discovering that murder mystery dinners benefit seniors in three big ways. First, it gets seniors out of their homes and socializing with others. Second, the crime-solving aspect can help exercise the brain. Third, seniors eat a full, nutrition-packed meal. Here’s what you need to know.


What is a Murder Mystery Dinner?

Murder mystery dinners are often held in restaurants, community centers, or conference rooms in inns or hotels. Participants enjoy a multi-course meal typically a soup or salad, the entree, non-alcoholic beverages, and a dessert. As they eat or in between courses, a murder takes place. Diners then get to talk to others, including the actors who are the key participants in the murder. During these talks, they take notes, pick out the clues, and try to solve the crime.


What Kind of Performances Take Place?

The scripts used in a murder mystery dinner vary. It’s rare that you’ll find a mystery you’ve heard or read before. Here are some of the murder shows that have taken place at senior centers.

At a senior center in New Hampshire, seniors gathered for a mystery dinner involving a murder at a mafia don’s speakeasy. Dinner began with a salad. From there, seniors chose from a menu or baked ziti, stuffed shells, or chicken cacciatore. Beverages and a cash bar were available.

The Dinner Detective hosts murder mystery dinners around the country. The shows blend comedy with the murder, and diners can even become prime suspects. Passed starters are followed by a salad. From there, diners enjoy a choice of things like grilled cod, bruschetta chicken, or vegetarian lasagna. Non-alcoholic beverages are included, and there is a cash bar available.


What Does It Cost?

You pay one flat fee for the theatrical performance and the meal. Prices depend on the restaurant and performers, but it’s rare that you’ll pay more than $50. Considering the meal, social opportunity, and crime solving aspect, it’s a great price for a night of fun.


Make Socialization and Cognitive Exercise Part of the Daily Routine

If you’re worried about your mom or dad’s cognitive function, seek a medical opinion. A doctor who specializes in memory decline can help your parent stay as active as possible through memory exercises and prescription medications.

Home care services lend a helping hand to ensure your parent can age at home. With services ranging from meal preparation to laundry, your mom or dad has help without giving up independence.


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