Shouldn’t Seniors Avoid Exercise?

Shouldn’t Seniors Avoid Exercise?

Too many people are under the impression that exercise and activity aren’t appropriate as part of an elderly adult’s daily routine.

The truth is that unless exercise has been prohibited by a doctor, seniors can benefit just as much as younger people when it comes to a more active lifestyle. Not only does exercise boost overall health and wellness, it can help reduce the risk for numerous health issues related to old age.


Family caregivers can play a big part in helping their elderly loved ones get excited about exercising. In many cases, senior care assistants can also help aging adults get moving for their health.


Exercising is for Everyone, Including Seniors

It’s easy to understand why many elderly adults and their family members have some concerns when it comes to exercising in old age. The body changes, which makes it harder to stay active. It’s common for elderly adults to struggle with chronic illnesses, reduced heart and lung capacity, more balance issues and less muscle mass. Seniors are also less flexible and may feel more fatigue during the day. All these reasons and more are why many elderly adults and their families believe that exercise should be avoided.

Exercise for seniors doesn’t have to mean running marathons or joining a gym. There are plenty of age-appropriate activities and exercises that can suit every senior’s ability. From tai chi and water aerobics to a peaceful daily walk through the park, exercise comes in many forms. Elderly adults can even do chair aerobics, wheelchair exercises and stretches with the help of a senior care assistant. Age should never stop someone from getting fit and staying active.


Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

Exercise and physical activity are good for just about everyone, including older adults. If an elderly person is having a hard time feeling motivated to get up and get moving, they can rely on a senior care assistant to be their coach and cheerleader. Some of the health benefits of exercise for the elderly include stronger muscles to reduce the risk of falling, better balance, lower risk of heart attacks and strokes, stronger bones, and weight loss. Some studies even link regular exercise to a lowered risk of developing dementia.

Elderly adults usually do better with shorter and more frequent exercise increments. For example, a senior care aide can arrange for 10- to 15-minute exercise sessions a few times per day. This could incorporate things like a walk, a senior aerobics class, or even a stationary bike. No matter how old or what their ability, aging adults can build strength and get healthy with a senior care assistant that encourages them to stay active.

It’s all too common for aging adults to embrace a lifestyle where they take it easy due to their age. The truth is, they will be happier and healthier and even add some years to their life if they exercise. Family members and senior care assistants can lend the support and encouragement that seniors need to embrace a more active lifestyle.

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