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How Do You Know When It Is Time for In-home Care?

How Do You Know When It Is Time for In-home Care?

It can be hard to watch your elderly parent get old and struggle with many of the daily tasks they used to do without effort.

Illness, injury and the effects of age can create physical or cognitive limitations that interfere with things like cleaning, cooking and even getting dressed. While you want to be there for your aging mom or dad every day, your own responsibilities can make it impossible. You’ll need to be observant to figure out when it is time to hire in-home care for your aging parent.


Aging Adults Often Need Daily Help

When elderly adults can no longer perform basic tasks to keep themselves healthy and safe, family members like you usually step in. At first, they may just need some help around the house but steadily their needs increase. Soon, family caregivers like you are having to juggle caregiving duties with your other responsibilities like a job, kids and community activities. As your elderly parent needs help with more and more daily tasks, it is time for a closer look at everyone’s needs.

Some seniors just need support for household activities, such as cleaning, laundry, and maintenance work. They may have a hard time preparing nutritious meals on time. Other seniors may struggle more physically and require help with showering and getting dressed. In some cases, elderly adults are unable to get out of bed on their own or in and out of a wheelchair. They need assistance with hygiene and grooming as well. Each elderly adult is unique and so are their caregiving needs.


How In-Home Care Can Help

When an elderly person can no longer live independently but isn’t ready for a full-time care facility, it makes sense for family members to look into home care aides. A home care aide can provide any level of service that is needed. They can help with bathing or showering and assist seniors with getting dressed and grooming themselves. Assistants will be able to relieve the elderly adults of housekeeping duties as well as cooking, laundry and household maintenance.

Many home care aides can provide transportation services for elderly clients so they can get to social events and medical appointments. There must be constant communication between the in-home assistant and the family caregivers about the elderly person’s physical and mental health. If something is going wrong, such as signs of illness, depression or something else, the home care assistant can alert a family member so they can take action.


Hiring a Quality Home Care Agency

Once you’ve decided to look for in-home help for your elderly parent, it’s time to do some research so that you can find the best service. You’ll need to become familiar with our state’s licensing and certification requirements for senior care companies. It’s important that you use an agency that is compliant with all the laws designed to protect both parties. After just a few weeks with an in-home assistant, both you and your elderly parents will be pleased with the service and eager to move forward, enjoying life to the fullest.


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