Respite Care

4Resize to 150x150Sometimes it’s the caregiver who needs the support.  A family member or friend might be administering care for long periods of time over the span of weeks or months.  The task can be overwhelming, especially without a break.  Respite Care is relief for the caregiver.  Inspired Care Home Health can send someone in to take over these duties for a short period of time. It might be for a few hours a month, or a few weeks.  It is important to maintain some stability for the client though.

  • Involve your loved one in the process.
  • Provide respite caregivers with a detailed list of the services needed.
  • Furnish respite caregivers with sufficient supplies in your absence.

Most important, you must release the feeling of ‘guilt’ over handing the care to someone else.

All the services above can be provided via any of the following care options at your chosen place or residence.  (i.e. Home, Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Home)

  • Hourly Care
  • 24-hour Live-in Care

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