Client Testimonials

  • I was very pleased with the two caregivers who were caring for my mom. They were both CNA's which was quite a plus. They were both pleasant, professional, prompt, and knowledgeable. The company was well run and I never had any issues or concerns. I would highly recommend Inspired care to others.

    Patricia, Lake Zurich

  • AMAZING!! I have been struggling over which caregiver to choose for my mother and aunt. My first contact was by phone with Amit. I spoke with representatives at about 5 other agencies after that. I returned to Inspired Care because none of the other agency contacts were as warm and polite, and Amit conveyed a desire to provide individualized care with real sensitivity to my mother and aunt’s preferences. When I met Amit and Anna I was so impressed with their professionalism, warmth, knowledge and positive attitude. They seem to really enjoy what they do and the special qualities of seniors. I was certain they would choose potential caregivers that shared their spirit. I was not disappointed. They brought 3 lovely candidates for us to meet. I finally feel peace with my choice of home health companies and feel I have allies in my struggle to provide loving care for my lived ones! So impressed!

    Barbara, Chicago

  • When I met with Amit, he asked all the right questions on what my mother in law would need. He took the time in finding a perfect caregiver for her. The caregiver has a lot of confidence and she jumps right in to the work and therapy. The service give my husband and I some more freedom in our life. The company has done everything perfect in my eyes. I would definitely recommend Inspired Care Home Health because they have reasonable rates for high end private home care.

    Diane, Crystal Lake

  • I would recommend Inspired Care Home Health to anyone. They do a great job! Their services are a big help. I can't do anything to help my husband because I am injured. They have been able to find very nice caregivers for us. They always ask what else they can do for us.

    Joanne, Schaumburg

  • I chose Inspired Care Home Health because it was a better option from what I had. They are excellent at keeping my mother company. I appreciate the supervisor. He makes the time for all the clients regardless of being a family man. My mother gets along with all the different caregivers and loves having interchangeable caregivers. I am not in a position to run over to my mother's house regularly, so they give me the gift of knowing she is being taken care of. I would recommend Inspired Care Home Health to everyone because they are very caring and willing to work with you no matter what hours you are available. Inspired Care Home Health has fulfilled all of my expectations. We are very happy.

    Mark, Barrington

  • I get services from Inspired Care Home Health 3 times a week. The caregiver takes care of me and takes care of things around the apartment. They are trained CNAs. They don't let me take risky chances and they make sure I don't lose my balance. Inspired Care Home Health immediately responds when I need to change my schedule. The company is right on the ball. The manager at Inspired Care Home Health will call me every so often to make sure everything is okay. Inspired Care Home Health is doing everything I expect them to do while they are here. My caregivers from Inspired Care Home Health are the best I've seen.

    Philip, Lincolnshire

  • I decided to use Inspired Care Home Health because the company contracts through the VA. My husband needed care and I went through the VA. The caregiver comes few times a week and helps take care of my husband's breakfast and getting him up and dressed. My husband is resistant to showering, but she makes sure he is nice and clean. She also helps me out by folding laundry and doing dishes. The caregiver came once and was concerned about the snow, so she went out and shoveled it. My husband has dementia and can be stubborn so the caregiver knows when to back off but also let him know she is there if he needs anything. It is a comfortable feeling when she is here. One time I had to change the schedule and the manager, Amit, was very willing to set things up. They have called several times to see if I'm satisfied, or have any questions. The office is always available. I would recommend Inspired Care Home Health because they are efficient and thorough. Anything that you need, you can feel free to ask Inspired Care Home Health and they accommodate you. Inspired Care Home Health is reliable and they are always on time. They are willing to go the extra mile if you need something.

    Elaine, Glenview

  • My caregiver shows me that she has good work ethic because I only have to explain things to her once and she follows through with things. My caregiver is able to do everything. She bathes my son and she changes the sheets and throws them in the wash. She is just great. I deal with Amit and he is terrific. I am confident in the office staff because he has been most accommodating when I have had to change times. I would tell others that Inspired Care Home Health has excellent employees. Inspired Care Home Health contacts me if something comes up. If regular caregiver is sick, they will tell me another caregiver will be there.

    Maureen, Palatine

  • Anna and Amit are awesome. They are so easy to work with and respond to our calls and problems right away. Thanks for everything .  

    Mary, Schaumburg