Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit – Do You Qualify?

Did you know that if you are a Veteran (or a surviving spouse), you may be eligible for Aid & Attendance Benefit? If you have never heard of it, you are not alone. The VA estimates that there are currently over 2 million Veterans who could qualify for this benefit, yet only 25% of them may be taking advantage of it.

The VA Aid & Attendance benefit could provide up to 80 hours/month of FREE HOME CARE to help Veterans (and/or their surviving spouse) with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) in their own homes, assisted living or nursing homes.

How do you know if you qualify?

Though the process to qualify could be overwhelming, below is a basic criteria that must be met to see if you could qualify for the benefit.

  • You are over age 65.
  • You are a Veteran, a spouse of a living Veteran, or a surviving spouse of a Veteran.
  • You served as “Active Military” status for at least 90 days during an approved time of war: WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War.
  • You had an honorable discharge.
  • You or your surviving spouse meet income requirements.
  • You or your spouse require help with at least 2 out of 5 Activities of Daily living such as bathing, feeding, dressing, toileting, or transferring.

Not all the disabling conditions in the list above must exist before benefits are granted. The activities which you are unable to perform are considered in connection with your condition as a whole. It is only necessary that the evidence establishes that you need “regular” (scheduled and ongoing) aid and attendance from someone else, not that there is a 24-hour need. 

Applying for Benefits

If you think you qualify for the VA Aid & Attendance benefits, Inspired Care Home Health can assist with the application process for absolutely no charge. The beauty of this program is that you can start receiving up to 80 hours a month in-home care ABSOLUTELY FREE even when the application is in process and get paid retroactively.

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